Holiday activities to help your little one have a good nights sleep

With school holidays always affecting our little ones usual routines, ensuring that they have a good quality and quantity of sleep can prove more difficult.

A bedtime routine proves helpful in settling your child, as it also cues their body to recognise that it is almost time to go to sleep – and with all the excitement of time off school meaning that they will have a different daily routine, bedtime routines almost go out of the window.

Despite this disruption, we have put together our top five tips to ensure that your little ones have a well-rested night.

Tip one – colouring

Drawing, colouring, or painting are great ways to promote relaxation, ultimately leading to an improved sleep. It can also help develop communication, as you can speak with your child about their artistic skills! Colouring books and ‘join the dots’ style books in particular are more focused than going freestyle, and more and more adults are also taking to colouring as a form of de-stressing. Although, any colouring or painting activity will still be effective, and those that are more focused on relaxation can particularly create a calm atmosphere just before bedtime.

Tip two – puzzles

Much like colouring, puzzles can create this focus right before bedtime, alongside supporting fine motor skills. They are a great activity to do together! Why not try making your own puzzles that your child has decorated and coloured themselves for an even more personalised and relaxing approach!

Tip three – stories

Stories are an essential part of many bedtime routines, so keeping this as a key part of your routine even through the school holidays is key! Independent reading, reading aloud, or audiobooks are a great way to create a quiet and calming environment before bedtime. By making this a habit, you’ll also be supporting your little ones vocabulary development, and making stories fun and special can create a sense of comfort just before bed.

Tip four – stretching & yoga

Stretching or yoga before sleep can be a terrific way to engage your active toddler in an activity that emphasises calm and breathing, thereby slowing them down to prepare them for bedtime. Yoga, stretching, and breathing exercises can help your child slow down and manage stress, just like they can for adults.

Tip five – aromas

Studies have shown that by incorporating relaxing, natural aromas, this can help soothe the baby into a peaceful sleep. Creating a soothing environment for sleep can also improve the well-being and quality of sleep for your little one.

Lavender, pine, and thyme in particular are well-known essential oils for their naturally calming and soothing properties. Across the Klearvol range, we utilise these essential oils into a perfect blend of natural aromas; perfect for sweet and peaceful dreams. For more information, visit the Klearvol product page here.