Surviving The Night-Time Wake Up Calls

There’s a whole heap of reasons babies wake up frequently at night. They’re hungry, need their nappy changed, are teething or just feeling out of sorts. The list goes on.

For parents, broken sleep can be exhausting.

Here a few tips for surviving the night-time wake up call.

  • Be prepared so everything you might need to within easy reach so no rummaging around for a fresh nappy in the dark.
  • Take turns with your partner or get them to help. They can change the baby, heat milk or bring the baby to you for feeding.
  • Don’t make a big fuss. The last thing you want is a wide-awake baby at 4am.


But, if you’re struggling to get them back to sleep, make sure the room is quiet and comfortable. Try using Klearvol Inhalation Capsules, which releases soothing essential oils over many hours—giving you a chance to get some much-needed shut-eye too.