Introducing the Klearvol 5 Sleep Challenge

At Klearvol, we understand the value of a good night's sleep—for both children and parents alike. That's why we embarked on a mission to delve deeper into the world of children's sleep, uncovering the challenges, triumphs, and magical moments experienced by families across the UK. Between the 9th and 20th of November 2023, We conducted an online survey, speaking directly to the real experts—869 parents, to be exact.


Who We Spoke To:

  • The majority of our respondents were mums, making up 96% of the surveyed parents, with an average age of 33.9 years.
  • They hailed from various regions across the UK, with the highest proportion residing in the South-East (17%).
  • All our respondents had at least one child, and 51% were proud parents to more than one little one.
  • The average age of their children stood at 5.4 years, with each parent having at least one child under the age of 5.


Insights on Children's Sleep:

  • A striking 54% of parents revealed that their child often wakes during the night, while a significant 69% faced other challenges in their child's sleep routine.
  • For those with multiple children, nighttime wake-ups were more prevalent, occurring 60% of the time.
  • We found that changes in routine, environment, health, and siblings were among the top disruptors of children's sleep, with factors like illness and teething scoring highest in disruptive impact.
  • Notably, 90% of parents adhered to a consistent sleep routine for their children, with 76% affirming that it significantly aided in better sleep.
  • Bath-time emerged as the most common event leading to better sleep (57%), followed by stories or songs (46%) and comforters (44%).
  • Around 67% of parents were familiar with sleep training, and a quarter had tried it themselves, reporting moderate effectiveness.


Tools and Remedies:

  • Parents relied heavily on their instincts (3.94 out of 5) for managing their children's sleep, followed by specific tools and interventions (3.41 out of 5).
  • Remedies to support sleep were used by 25% of parents, who found them moderately helpful (3.35 out of 5).
  • Notable brands mentioned included Klearvol (13%) and Calpol (6%), showcasing their role in aiding children's sleep.

Expert Tips from Parents:

  • A resounding 32% of parents stressed the importance of a bedtime routine as their top tip for promoting better sleep.
  • Responses also highlighted the significance of following the child's cues and understanding that there's no one-size-fits-all approach, making up 30% of the combined responses.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the fascinating world of children's sleep, sharing insights, tips, and magical solutions to help your little ones drift off into dreamland. Because at Klearvol, we believe that every child deserves a night filled with peaceful slumber and enchanting dreams. ✨🌙 #KlearvolMagic #ChildrensSleepSurvey