From Bathtime to Bedtime – our top tips for a perfect night’s sleep

As a parent, it can often be difficult to settle your little ones, especially if they have a sniffle or are restless. With each infant being different, it can often be a case of trial and error to land on a solution that suits your little ones needs. Creating a solid bedtime routine can be an essential step for settling your little ones into a peaceful sleep.

When a baby has a cold, it can often result in sleepless nights for the whole family. As a result of this, the baby doesn’t receive the rest their body needs to recover – creating a cycle of lack of sleep and illness.  Our three step bedtime routine is the perfect way to ensure sweet dreams: bathtime, quiet time, and bedtime.


By incorporating a warm bath into your bedtime routine, research has found that your baby will spend 25% less time crying before they sleep – allowing them to enjoy a better quality sleep.

Baths can help little ones to relax at the end of the day, and a lot of babies find a bath calming, as the sensation of the warm water is similar to the womb. The warmth sooths the baby, and then the slight lowering of core body temperature after the bath signals to the body that it is time to rest and sleep.

Quiet Time…

After bathtime, incorporating some 1:1 quiet time with your little one can be the perfect way to settle them before bedtime. A wind-down routine helps further signal that bedtime is coming – calming your baby, and also naturally conditioning them to develop healthy sleeping habits.

Lower the lights in the room, either by using a nightlight, or unscented candle. This will signal to the brain that it’s time to produce melatonin – the natural hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain, which helps control your sleep cycle. Try to minimize loud noises; as quiet time will help to calm the mind.

Avoid having anything too over-stimulating such as a puzzle, instead try reading a book to your little one. It is an easy focus activity, and listening to a parents or familiar voice can be a calming activity.


After some quiet time, it is time for bed. Studies have shown that by incorporating relaxing, natural aromas, this can help soothe the baby into a peaceful sleep. Creating a soothing environment for sleep can also improve the well-being and quality of sleep for your little one.

Lavender, pine, and thyme in particular are well-known essential oils for their naturally calming and soothing properties. Across the Klearvol range, we utilise these essential oils into a perfect blend of natural aromas; perfect for sweet and peaceful dreams. For more information, visit the Klearvol product page here.

Key takeaways from today’s blog:

  • Create a solid bedtime routine – this can often result in trial and error methods in order to find the most suited routine for your little one.
  • Incorporate a warm bath into the bedtime routine to allow the body to relax.
  • Quiet time can help develop healthy sleeping habits.
  • Use natural vapors and calming scents - as found within our Klearvol range.



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