Helping Your Baby To Settle To Sleep On Holiday

Isn't it always the way, just when you think you've cracked the sleep routine—you go on holiday! And then it’s like you’re back at square one.

Too often, taking a family trip is a one-way ticket to disrupting the best sleep routine. From changing time zones to staying in a country with a different climate or just being a new place that feels unfamiliar, can lead to sleepless nights as your little one adjusts to their new environment.

Here’s a few ideas to help your baby settle more easily when you’re on holiday.  to sleep ease the transition and enjoy your holiday.

  • Pick the right time to travel. For instance, either leave early in the morning to avoid your baby sleeping all day in the car or travel at night.
  • Stick to your regular routine.
  • Make their room as comfortable and ‘home-like’ as possible.

Another way to make your baby feel relaxed in their holiday home is to use Klearvol Pillow spray. Our pillow spray releases soothing essential oils, perfect for creating a relaxing environment for your baby to settle to sleep.