Fireworks and Sleeping Babies

Bonfire Night is a spectacular celebration for adults and children to share each year. However, many parents are ready to put their little ones to sleep long before the fireworks are over. Keep reading today’s blog to discover our top tips for fireworks and bedtime, and keep those disturbances to a minimum, with just a little thought and preparation!


If you are staying at home, try to put your baby to sleep at their usual bedtime, this should allow their deepest part of their sleep cycle to be during the main firework celebrations. Try to keep their entire bedtime routine as normal as possible. Whether that is having a bath before bedtime, or reading them a story – any change in the normal routine will be picked up by your little one, and may result in a lower quality of sleep. This will then create a domino effect – by picking up on the fact that the routine has changed, your baby will sense that something is different and may not settle. This combined with the unknown sound of fireworks will make for an unhappy baby and overtired parents!

Sleep environment

Try to incorporate some white noise. Whether that is an audiobook, simple lullaby, or fan. By running this alongside your babies sleep, it should distract their mind as they fall into their sleep cycle.

According to multiple studies, adding calming, natural scents can help calm the baby and promote deeper, more restful sleep. Providing a peaceful environment for sleep might also help your child feel more relaxed, preventing them from becoming unsettled or waking up to the noise of fireworks.

Particularly pine, thyme, and lavender essential oils are well renowned for their inherently calming and soothing effects. These essential oils are used across the Klearvol range to create a perfect blend of natural aromas, ideal for restful and sweet dreams. For more information, visit the Klearvol product page here.

Reassure your little one

If your little one becomes unsettled, offer them some extra comfort. Depending on age, this could be in the form of a gentle comforting hand, or a cuddle. If your child is old enough to understand the concept of fireworks, explain to them that it is simple people having fun; and nothing to worry about. Try to use positive and reassuring language to reiterate that it is nothing to be scared of.

Key takeaways from today’s blog:

  • Stick to the same bedtime routine
  • Create a calming sleep environment
  • Reassure your little one
  • Remember that Bonfire Night is only 1 night of the year!