How to sleep better during SATs Week / Surviving SATs Week

All children experience moments of stress at some point in their lives and SATs week is the time when stress could really ramp up for your child.

Fortunately, there are lots of simple ways to lessen school exam pressure.


Never let their nerves get in the way of eating properly. Start the day the right way with a good breakfast. And give them something to look forward to by treating them to their favourite dinner.


Find things to help them relax. Like watching a favourite film together or organising a playdate with friends. Chat about how their day went at school listen to what is worrying them.


Take their mind of tests and exams. Go swimming, on a bike ride or have a walk around the park. Fresh air is great for feel good endorphins and making those stress hormones disappear.


Try to be positive and encouraging at all times, even when the nerves are showing. Tell them you are proud of how much effort they are putting in and trying their best is the best they can do.  


The best thing you can do for your child is to make sure they are getting enough good quality sleep. Screen free time, warm bath and reading, all the usual relaxation routines before bed.

Adding a sleep spray with soothing natural essential oils such as Lavender, Pine tree and Thyme, is also a wonderful way to help them relax during the stress of SATs Week.

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