Getting back to a better sleep pattern after a change of routine

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or the Summer holidays, we all love a break away from the everyday. But the change of routine can really play havoc with your child’s bedtime routine.  

Staying with family in a different house or country or having to deal with changing time zones, can be trying for any family. And even more so if you have children of varying ages.

So how do you get back to a consistent and healthy sleep routine?

We are all creatures of habit and children are no different. By creating habits and cues that promote sleep, the norm becomes falling asleep quickly and staying asleep through the night.

For the younger ones, you should try to avoid too much napping during the day

Older ones should cut back on their screen time. The screen glow from tablets, smartphones and television can stimulate overactive brains for several hours.

It’s important for everyone to get back to eating at their usual times and not too late in the day.  Keeping a close eye on the sweet treats to avoid the sugar rush now the holiday is over.

Then getting back to the habit of a good bedtime routine, such as a warm bath, stories, dimmed lights and no gadgets or distractions after a certain time.

Adding a sleep spray with soothing natural essential oils such as Lavender, Pine tree and Thyme, can also establish a sense of calm before bedtime.

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