Spring forward... fall back: how to support your baby through the clock changes

When the clocks spring forward or fall back, even the small hours difference in the clocks seasonal changes can affect your baby’s sleep schedule. At Klearvol, we know that it can already be a challenge to get your little one to relax at bedtime. This makes adjusting to the spring forward and fall back even tougher when trying to wind down. Continue reading to discover our top tips for switching to and from daylight saving time so that you and your little one can both have a peaceful night’s sleep through the transition.

How will the clock changes affect my little ones sleep?

All babies have different sleeping patterns and needs, meaning that some may not be affected by the clock changes at all. However, others may be grouchy as we try to transition them. If you have an early bird, you may find them waking even earlier than usual. When it is time for bed, some babies may be overtired as they adjust to sleeping an hour later.

How do I prepare for the clock changes?

Stick to your normal routine and bedtime

Change the clocks, but stick to your usual routine with your little one. Wake them, nap, eat, play and engage with all of your usual daytime and bedtime activities as normal. The more you stick to this, the faster your baby will adjust to the clock changes – even if they are a little grouchy!

Sleeping environment

Try to keep the room dark. Whilst we have no ability to change or prevent the clock changes, by keeping the sleeping environment the same, this could make your little one unaware of the changes.

Studies have shown that by incorporating relaxing, natural aromas, this can help soothe the baby into a peaceful, higher quality of sleep. Creating a soothing environment for sleep can also improve the well-being of your little one, as it should support them when facing the clock changes.

Lavender, pine, and thyme in particular are well-known essential oils for their naturally calming and soothing properties. Across the Klearvol range, we utilise these essential oils into a perfect blend of natural aromas; perfect for sweet and peaceful dreams. For more information, visit the Klearvol product page here.

By incorporating all of, or some of these tips into your routine over the clock changes, we hope that you and your little one will have a better quality of sleep - preventing too much disruption! Remember that any disruption caused by the clock change will be temporary – your baby will naturally adapt to the new time over a couple of days.