Soothing Oils

What are Soothing Oils?

There are many essential oils that are used in natural health products. Some of them are considered to be soothing oils because they do not all fit into that category. There are a handful of natural health oils that fall into the soothing oils category.

Lavender helps to relieve stress, provides relaxation, and promotes sleep. It has a floral scent that smells fresh and clean. It can be incredibly soothing especially when added to your bath water or on your pillow to help you sleep.

Chamomile is known to help promote sleep, especially when added to tea. It can help lift your mood and reduce inflammation and acne.

Tea tree oil is known as a natural antibiotic because it can promote healing. It can help boost the immune system and helps cuts and burns heal faster. It is great for dandruff and is used in many shampoos.

Sandalwood has a unique scent and can help soothe muscles, reduce inflammation, and clear nasal passages.

Peppermint is considered one of the smells of winter and it can help to reduce nausea and improve digestion. It can cool your skin and calm irritation of the skin. It can help wake you up and give you better focus.

Eucalyptus is helpful when you have a cold or flu and can help migraines and respiratory concerns.

Bergamot can help balance your emotions. It is great for viruses or bacteria in the mouth. It can help oily skin, acne, psoriasis, and eczema. You should stay away from the sun if you are using bergamot on it.