Toddler tantrums—how to help your little one feel better.

We’ve all been there when your toddler decides to throw a mega tantrum.

And nothing seems to console them.

Even the simplest thing can set one off. Tiredness, hunger, frustration, or a sudden change in situation.

The thing is toddlers are still learning to manage their emotions.

Here some tips on coping with toddler tantrums.

- Remove them from the situation. If you’re in a supermarket or at a playdate—move to another calmer space.

- Get down on eye-level to talk to them.

- Ask them to explain what’s wrong using words.

- Listen and reassure.

- Use distraction—'oh look at that lovely colourful poster’ or ‘pretty flower’.

- Be patient and stay calm.

Tantrums at bedtime can occur due to overtiredness, teething, or development leaps. A consistent bedtime routine will help your little feel ready for bed more easily.

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