The struggle is real.

It’s hard enough to carve out me-time on a good day when you have small kids...let alone during lockdown.

The thing is, self-care is vital for mums, especially during these times.

Well okay, you can’t sprint off for a spa break.

But you’ll be amazed the difference a few positive self-care can make.

- Get up before the kids in the morning to enjoy a moment alone.

- Make bath time an event for you - candles, bubbles, a glass of wine.

- Keep a journal and write down how you feel.

Getting enough quality sleep is another game-changer. This is where our Klearvol Inhalation Capsules can help. Think - soothing aromatic oils. And kids love them too. Easy to use and a great addition to the whole family’s bedtime routine.

And did you know we’re rated by Mumsnet.

So, if you haven’t already tried Klearvol Inhalation Capsule, give them a whirl? (And let us know what you think).

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And Klearvol essential oils for inhalation have just one the coveted Mumsnet Rated Badge after 87% of testers said they would recommend it to a friend.

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