Staying Healthy When Your Baby Is Poorly.

It's always a worry when your baby is unwell. Aside from the sleepless nights (for you both), the routine also goes out the window and it’s stressful.

So, it's extra essential you take extra care of yourself.

Here are some ideas to keep the bugs at bay.

· As we know, many infections spread hand-to-hand. Make friends with the sink and keep hand sanitiser dotted around your home for quick access.

· Switch the dial to hot on the washing machine - 60 degrees or above.

· Avoid sharing things like food and towels with your baby.

Getting plenty of rest is vital for both you and your baby. If you’re little one is feeling cranky and irritable, you can use Klearvol inhalation capsules, which contain soothing natural aromatic oils like pine. Great for creating a calming environment to help your baby to get some much-needed sleep.

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