Relaxing Bedtime Ideas To Help Your Toddler Go To Sleep

Just when you’ve got used to your baby sleeping through the night, they change into a toddler.

With a newfound independence, toddlers can happily try to control their own bedtimes. From struggling to go to sl

eep, to clambering out of the crib in the middle of the night, sleep regression can cause havoc to your sleep routine.

Don’t despair. Sleep regression is perfectly normal and usually corresponds with development spurts and things like teething.

Try tweaking their bedtime routine to involve them more. Maybe ask them to pick a bedtime story book or bath toys. When they wake up at night, stay calm and gently take them back to bed explaining its night-time.

Using essential oils is another great way to soothe your toddler at bedtime. Try Klearvol inhalation capsules, which containing natural aromatic oils like pine that last for hours.

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