How To Help Your Unwell Baby Settle To Sleep More Easily

When your baby is poorly, this usually means bye-bye sleep routine.

Suddenly they’re waking up more frequently, sleeping short busts, snoozing, or simply struggling to fall asleep. As a consequence, your own sleep also goes out of the window.

But there a few things you can do the decrease their discomfort and help you baby sleep more soundly when they don’t feel great.

· Use a humidifier, especially at night

· Limit naps to one a day

· Begin the bedtime routine earlier than normal

· Give your baby a nice warm bath followed by a massage

· Release an inhalation capsule.

Klearvol inhalation capsules contain soothing natural aromatic oils like pine, thymol and menthol. Recommended for babies aged 3months and older, our capsules easy to use and deliver comforting natural vapours day or night.

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