How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Is your baby sleeping through the night yet? How many times have you heard this question? Yep—it’s the number one query of fellow mums, concerned relatives and even sometimes strangers in the supermarket. Yes, it’s annoying. The reality is all babies are different. And sure, some sleep through from day one. But, the majority don’t. And even if they do, there’s always regression thanks to development leaps and teething. Here’s a few helpful tips to encourage your 3-month or older baby to sleep through the night.

· Have a regular bedtime routine like bath, put on pyjamas, read a story. They’ll start to recognise the ques and attribute these activities to sleep.

· Reduce day-time naps.

· Make bedtime early like 6 pm rather than waiting for them to become overtired and fractious.

· Make their room dark and play soothing music or white noise.

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