How say good-bye to meal-time meltdowns

You’ve just sat down to eat with your toddler when a piece of broccoli zooms past your nose.

Hello mid-meal toddler tantrum.

Yup, it’s pretty frustrating when your toddler refuses to eat. Even worse when it becomes a regular occurrence at mealtimes.

Food ref

usal is pretty common with the little ones. Their taste-buds are developing, and they’re also testing boundaries.

Here are a few tips to survive meal-time chaos with your toddler.

· Eat together as a family, so they see what you’re eating.

· Put at least one guaranteed win on their plate, so they at least they eat one thing.

· Don’t stress. Focus on how much they eat in the whole day, not just at one sitting.

· Limit snacks in between meals.

· Make it fun.

· Don’t give up. Keeping trying and know (like all previous stages) this too shall pass.

Ensuring your toddler gets enough sleep also helps in managing tantrums.

Tantrums at bedtime can occur due to overtiredness, teething or development leaps.

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