Fun Activities To Do At Home To Keep Your Poorly Toddler Entertained

Once you notice that your toddler is not quite themselves, or slightly ‘off colour’, it’s likely your toddler is coming down with something. And this usually means a few days of indoor quiet time for you and little one.

Don’t assume this will slow them down. Even before they feel 100% again, your toddler will be up and running around.

How can you keep your toddler busy when you still can’t leave the house?

Here a few of our favourite indoor games.

· Give your Lego/toy animals a bubble bath.

· Do a puzzle

· Make a mini fort from bedsheets.

· Get a box and turn it onto a bus, train, or unicorn (if you’re feeling really creative)

· Thread a pasta necklace

· Do vegetable paint prints.

When it comes to sleeping time, to help your child settle, try using our Klearvol inhalation capsules. They contain soothing natural aromatic oils like pine and thymol, which are great to use night or day.

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