Create A Peaceful Bedtime Routine For Your Baby

Bedtime isn’t just about getting your precious one to sleep. It’s also an excellent time for bonding.

And, it’ good one for dads to get involved!

Babies love routine and knowing what comes next. It gives them a sense of security, so they fall asleep faster and wake up less.

All sounds good - yeah?

Here’s what a peaceful bedtime routine can involve:

· Start with a lovely warm baby. Get some nice bath toys.

· Next Change into soft pyjamas.

· Read a bedtime story or sing a lullaby.

· Say it’s time for sleep and give him or her a cuddle.

· Then lastly, say good-night and re-affirm it’s time for sleep.

Make sure your little one’s room is cool, dark, and comfortable. To create a relaxing environment, you can try Klearvol inhalation capsules, which release soothing natural aromatic oils perfect for use day or night.

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