Aromatic Oils

What are Aromatic Oils?

Aromatic oils, which can also be referred to as essential oil therapy, are a type of therapy that uses essential oil and other plant compounds that are aromatic. Oils have been used for generations to improve the mood and health of people. Natural vapours are used for medicinal purposes and holistic healing. Aromatic oils created from raw vegetable material by either steam or water or dry distillation. These oils have been found to have degrees of antimicrobial elements and are antiviral, antifungal, and provide antioxidants. These can be used in massage or topically. The natural vapors can be used for inhalation.

Even though they are natural, they must be used in the proper way, otherwise they could be hazardous. When used as an inhalation, the oils can be put in a diffuser, spray, or even a steam bath and then breathed in. They can smell nice, as well as provide you with disinfection, decongestant, as well as benefits to your mental well being. These oils stimulate your brain that is connected to the nose and the brain. The molecules in the oil must go into the nose or mouth to get to the lungs to be considered an inhalation. When they get to the brain, it impacts the system that connects to your emotions, heart, blood pressure, memory, stress, and breathing. The impact may seem subtle, but it has an extreme impact.

These oils should not be applied directly to your skin because it may harm skin, especially if it is sensitive. You should use a carrier oil to dilute it. You can use an oil like olive or almond oil as a carrier oil. You only need a few drops of the essential oil added to an ounce of your carrier oil.